Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Best CMS

The best Content Management System (CMS) is the one that most fits your needs in the moment. For me at this time, I’m a digital media student who has experience with XHTML/CSS and the two CMSs that I previously blogged about. I consider myself a beginner with limited time in which to learn a system to complete a class project.

Given my need for a small learning curve, ease of use, and established structure; the CMS system that I most want to learn is WordPress. There are others that I also want to learn and I am interested enough to go learn them when school is no longer my highest priority or if one of those CMSs, in turn, becomes a class assignment.

In this blog, I will discuss several CMSs and what’s important to me as a web designer.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

CMS Ratings: CMSimple vs. WebsiteBaker

On a five star rating, I give WebsiteBaker 4.5 stars and I give CMSimple 2 stars.

I and my classmates have been learning about and using the two Content Management Systems (CMS) CMSimple and WebsiteBaker for the last several weeks. I have been so focused on learning html and css for the past year that I found creating templates for a CMS difficult at first. The new mindset takes some getting used to. In this blog I compare my experiences with the two CMSs.